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There was a great and massive wakaf movement and development within Mamluk's dynasty ( 1258 - 1517 M ) when women from Mamluk kingdom owned a great numerous of wealth and riches, and they always donated their wealth for Islam religion ( Fi sabilillah ) they also managed their wealth themselves. There was approximately 30% of wakaf aadmistrator are women, they're trusted by Mamluk goverment to manage wealth of wakaf.

This journal explained some examples about wakaf management in Era of Mamluk dynasty. House of wakaf administrative which managed and handled wakaf problem in two districts Egypt and Syam is called Diwan Al- ahbas - which is called in this era by wakaf ministry - it's duties are to monitor,handle mosque,musala, riba'zawiyah, schools,land and building, the fund of which, had a source from wakaf. To distribute alms to the people who needed it, like the poor and the orphans is also one of Diwan Al - ahbas' duties.

Wakaf Office at era of Mamluk dynasty became so complex that had to be divided into three categories, the first one, the office which handled payment of wadges is called Ar-rizq , another one is called social wakaf or Al-auqof al-hakimah, and the last one is private wakaf or Al-auqof al-ahliyyah.


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