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This article describes the cash waqf management in Indonesia. A cash waqf endowments performed person, group of people, and institutions or legal entities in the form of cash. Endowments cash is still being debated among scholars’ whether legitimate or not, and the management of cash waqf professionally still a discourse and not many people or institutions that can accept such endowments models. This article also discusses the definition, the legal basis and the cash endowments history. Also discussed about cash waqf as the foundation of economic development of society by opening the rigidity of Muslims against this cash waqf, also economic prospects waqf property; how the institution of waqf in Islamic countries has been successful both in terms of the welfare society places of worship, social, educational, health and other essential infrastructure. Endowments cash in reality also has to serve as economic empowerment; waqf potential as one of the instruments for the economic empowerment of Muslims although management in Indonesia is still not good. Yet judging by the numbers, waqf property in Indonesia is quite large. Most of the endowment in the form or used for houses of worship, Islamic educational institutions, public cemetery and others who averaged in the form of endowments is not productive. Therefore, the existence of endowments in Indonesia today need special attention, because the existing endowment for a generally still shaped objects that do not move that basically have considerable potential as productive lands are located to be managed productively.


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