Endowments for human existence is a necessity. It is related to the realization of the obligations to worship through media-righteous deeds. Than as a vehicle for the purposes of worship, endowments also meant for social welfare and benefit of the people in all aspects of life, including education (Islam). This study attempts to peel waqf management institution (Foundation for Waqf Board KH. M. Adlan Aly) in order to develop waqf assets while maintaining its sustainability, as well as the real form of participation in the development of Islamic education. In this context is the Madrasah and Pesantren. Legalization effort endowments, both institutions into a foundation (legal entity) and existing waqf assets (recorded in the Deed of Pledge Waqf, or waqf land certificate), is a strategic step for the continuity utilization and achievement of objectives and functions of endowments. Waqf asset inventory also has an important position for the continuation of benefits waqf assets and avoid the threat of loss of such property. Optimizing the performance (professional) category Nazhir at kafaah idariyah also support maximization the management of waqf. In addition, the flexibility of semi-autonomous authority for the management of educational institutions that shelter waqf institution is able to foster self-reliance in the financial field. Indicators of success marked by the development of waqf management units and educational institutions (both formal and non-formal) under the banner of the Foundation for Waqf Board.

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Salin/Copy No Handpnone dan anda PASTE di BERITA TRANSFER dari Bank Anda ke Bank Badan Wakaf Indonesia

Jika Dana Wakaf Uang tidak diterima dalam waktu 2 x 24 jam (hari kerja - dibuktikan sinkronisasi data dengan pihak Bank), maka Formulir (AIW) ini dinyatakan BATAL.

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